Warning Signs of a F*ckboy by Megan Alodie

This week we have a guest blog post by loyal listener Megan Alodie. She always gives us the best feedback for the podcast and when asked what she thought fuck boys were made of, she went above and beyond to create this list. Enjoy!

Red Flag #1: Brings up sex too early in the conversation. It's okay to be flirty and show you're attracted to someone without trying to figure their favorite sex position. Also if he brags about his sex skills....

Red Flag #2: "Netflix and Chill" --> Issa dead giveaway!

Red Flag #3: "I'm not looking for a relationship" --> If he ever says this, just run. Don't pass go. Don't collect $200. 

Red Flag #4: He's goes out constantly but doesn't invite you. All he wants to do is casually meet up after his main plans. Or, if he's constantly busy and only makes time for you "after hours". Men that genuinely like you want to spend time, AND WILL MAKE TIME, to be around you. 

Red Flag #5: If the majority of his friends are fuck boys. If his friends don't respect women and don't trust then he won't either. If you don't even get to meet his friends, yikes.... I think every guy's maturity level is the average of his friends maturity. 

Red Flag #6: If he does disappearing acts, you should just disappear on him too. That's childish. 

Red Flag #7: He never pays for your Uber, never offers to pick you up, never bothers to make sure you get home safely. Fuck boys lack that protective aspect. 

Red Flag #8: Is he happy with his life? Is he following his dreams? Sometimes men are fuck boys because they're unhappy with their situation. And trust, you won't be able to make them happy. Just be a good friend and be supportive until he gets his own shit together. Men who can't pay their bills are fuck boys. 

Red Flag #9: If he can spell fuckboy, he might be one too. 

Red Flag #10: If he's in the #LawrenceHive, and can't forgive Issa. Fuck boys can't process pain and heal. 

Red Flag #11: If he has a bad relationship with his mother. Usually how a man treats his mother is how he will treat other women in his life. 

Red Flag #12: If he doesn't watch Game of Thrones, usually a fuck boy. Real men watch real shit. 

Red Flag #13: He's a bad communicator. Period. Fuck boys don't know how to communicate anything effectively past "what you mean." The first sign that he can't express himself or how he feels about a situation is usually a clear indicator that he's a F-U-C-K-B-O-Y. 

Red Flag #14: He still has problems with his exes. Fuck boys don't know how to give women closure when things end. If a man respects you, you will never have to deal with another woman over him. 

Red Flag #15: He can't spell in his text messages and ignores simple grammatical errors. It's okay to make mistakes. But if he never corrects them or continues to make that same mistake...yikes. He might actually not be a fuck boy, but he just shouldn't be a boy you want to fuck.

Red Flag #16: He doesn't ask questions!!!!!!! Fuck boys don't ask about your day, your projects, your family, your friends. because they don't care. If you tell a guy something, and he doesn't ask follow up questions (even though this is a small detail) he's usually a *ding ding ding* FUCK BOY. 

Red Flag #17: ....and, ACTION! This is the red flag we like to ignore a lot. What do his actions tell you? Is he supportive? Does he offer help? Does he show up to your events? Does he make effort to meet your friends? If the only action he's giving you is sex, girl, giiiiiiirl, Issa fuckboy! 

Megan is a dope ass photographer, writer, mandala artist and one of the best drinking partners out there. Follow her on IG @meganalodie and while you're at it follow her art page @alodiecloud.